Initiation of an engineering division within VANTAGE INTERNATIONAL LIMITED (VIL) became a necessity with the growing increase in development activities in the country. With the objective of providing technical and backup support to the overseas principals & contractors undertaking turn-key projects in Bangladesh, the division had to be expanded quite rapidly so as to cope with additional work load, resulting in the formation of a fulfledged engineering company known today as VANTAGE ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION LIMITED (VEC).

It is with a sense of great pride and achievement that overthe years, VEC has been playing its role in successfully implementing projects and providing all kinds of technical support to overseas contractors in the field of gas, power, communication andother infrastructure development sectors.

No matter how complex and adverse the conditions involved, in any given project, the management with its team of highly professional and sound technical personnel has always performed with diligence and achieved results to the total satisfaction of the valued clients, who reposed their confidence and trust in VEC. Today, VEC not only proudly possess a pool of professional in diversified fields but also has a rich collection of tools, equipment and plants to undertake any challenging job. Its Trading Division has maintainded regular contact at home and abroad with reliable manufacturers / suppliers, which helps in competitive sourcing of a wide range of products & services. This, on many occasions has been the winning factor of contracts in a very competitive market in Bangladesh.

While, we at VEC strive to improve our performance and services, qualityis one key area we have never compromised.

On the thresh hold of 21st century, we view our goals with an open mind, innovativeness and set the highest standard for ourselves; which I believe, our motivated staff, with a strong social commitment and business acumen, will definitely achieve.

Major General (retd.) M.I. Karim, awc.psc.

Vantage Engineering group